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Partner Programs

Partner Programs

Looking for innovative ways to bring more value to your customers, and new revenue streams to your business? Look to Gesture Partner Programs. They offer a source of repeat income for your business—while providing outstanding flexibility and customization for you.We understand that we have to build our business on carefully nurtured alliances and partnerships. We aim to create an alliance where both partners are deeply committed to an ongoing relationship that is a win-win solution for both. We help our customers select and implement the right solutions for businesses. With a profound knowledge of the web enabling business, we provide consulting expertise and the web enabling support that our customers need in order to transform their enterprises into dynamic and collaborative organizations.

Why do we seek a Partnership? To turn the collaborative vision into a reality and in the spirit of long-term partnership we ensure that the combined customer base gains access to products and services as an integrated whole. We expect the corporation with any individual and firms in any part of the world to grow our business together by synergy both you and our resources and to assist each other to explore the opportunity and to reach a new high on the basis of fairness and mutual benefit. Add new services that can help your clients grow their businesses.

  • No Setup Fee
  • No Monthly Fee
  • No Minimum Commitments
  • Fully Usable Deposit

Over 500 Clients - WORLD WIDE

Over 25 Professionals,

Reseller /Channel Network

One of the Fastest Growing Revenue Model

Long- Term Focus on Business Development

Long Term Relationship Focus

Complete Support - Marketing / Technical / Billing

Regular Training Schedules

Regular Update on New Features & Many More...

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Support Option


Channel Partners

Channel Partners :- Gesture's channel partners are an extension of our sales force and services delivery. They supply extensive domain expertise in digital business-and we help them tailor our solution to meet the unique needs of their global and regional customers. Global channel enablement is a key initiative at gesture, which is why we have created four distinct programs for resellers/system integrators, outsourcers, and consultants. We have established strategic relationships with our channel partners, many of whom are global thought leaders within their respective fields. We choose partners who can benefit from their relationship with us while, at the same time, fulfill our strategic channel needs. These partners are brought inside our business, and have access to services like Partner Connect, sales training, engineering certification training, lead sharing and joint selling.

We also seek to: Enhance each other's growth and profitability Offer a strategic advantage of the Internet and our expertise in web enabling A commitment to seeing that both partners come out as winners A combination that provides a co-partnership of the highest return on investment Offer a more secure and complete solution to customers .

Benefit As Channel Partner means avail ( Unique Reseller Benefits?) also Benefit As A channel partners

•  A Separate Branded Exclusive Online pannel provided by us for You.A Comprehensive Product portfolio for your firm

•  Salesand support Leads for your region

•  Managing Customers & Resellers at your teritories  Sale and support handle by gesture dedicated team .

•  From you own online business center, You could manage, upload and edit you own items with photograph, description and pricing for sale to the whole world or solely to your residing country.

•  You can create Reseller ,sub-reseller /customer /Affiliated network Aapproval gesture

•  You can sale product/services any where any time .

•  Complete Access to Our Millions of Online Customers

•  Access to our huge data and specifications, compatibility of all and each spare apart.

Channel partner for his various services rendered will get 1.25 % commission on the total sale in his territory.

Channel partner will be given 0.75% on the total sale in his territory. as office/ rent, internet connection , courier, phone, charges and

Performance-based incentive - 0.75% as sales incentive on above target sale  after evaluation by gesture team.

•  All enquires and sale from the visitors residing in that particular city or country would be channeled and handled by our sole agent in that city or country

How to Become our Channel Partner

We seek your kind understanding that at this moment we are not ready practically to go into business corporation with you described above. Meanwhile we welcome your visit to, and would appreciate greatly for any purchase you made on our website. The business transaction between both of us would contribute an understanding and familiarity when our representatives visiting you for practical business corporation .If you have an online store or a store selling similar product or an individual with a drive to sell product we would be most happy to hear from you.

Channel Partner Program Requirements

•  Commitment to actively market Gesture services

•  Ability to Manage Individual Business

•  Customer Sales and Service Skills

Channel Partner Program incentive Requirements

iF Channel Partner activate abhove target sale a gesture team make performance report and activate incentive program of total sales value under his teritory.

Reseller Program


Reseller :- Gesture's Reseller are an extension of our sales force and services delivery. They supply extensive domain expertise in digital business-and we help them tailor our solution to meet the unique needs of their global and regional customers. Global channel enablement is a key initiative at gesture, which is why we have created four distinct programs for resellers/system integrators, outsourcers, and consultants.
As a Reseller, you can now offer: All Gesture Services like Domain,HostServer space ,Email Space ,Website Design ,SMS ,E-book,Format convert ect..
Benefit As A Resseller
•                A Separate Branded Exclusive Online Shop provided by us for You.
•               A Comprehensive Product portfolio for your Customers and Resellers
•               Sales Leads for your region
•               Managing Customers & Resellers world wide/You can create Reseller ,sub-reseller /customer /Affiliated network            
•               You can sale product/services any where any time .
•                Business Partner webinars and newsletters to keep you informed of product and program updates.
•               Free gesture account for your company's own marketing purposes.
•               Flexible mode of payment  online payment gateway account for easy payment receive.
•               Co-branded website pages to capture trial signups (see Demo ).
•               Access to our Partner Extranet for marketing tools and promotional materials.
•               A Comprehensive Product portfolio for your Customers and Resellers
•               A Ready made, private labeled website for you and your Resellers
•               Create unlimited Users/Partners/Dealers.

•  Low whole sale price Set your own pricing.

Reseller Program Requirements

•  No fee to join. •  Low minimum requirements •  Commitment to actively market Gesture services •  Ability to Manage Individual Business •  Customer Service Skills •  You must be a current GESTURE owner, purchased from to become an Authorized GESTURE Reseller. (Leased licenses do not qualify).

Reseller Signup Form, >>

Reseller Term and condition>>

Affiliate Program

Join Affiliate Program Increase your revenue by offering GESTURE on your website. GESTURE is the leading Easy Information service for small businesses, associations, and nonprofits. GESTURE helps small businesses reach their customers using professional email-based communications. It is a web-based solution, and is easy to use, affordable and takes no technical expertise. If your Website targets small and mid-sized businesses and you're interested in earning more revenue, then our affiliate program is for you! Add an affiliate signup to your website and earn commissions when your visitors sign up to try website shelter. We offer great commission rates, and GESTURE is accessible through any web browser.

ONE TIME WORK LIFE TIME ROYLTY Long Term Focus towards clients - Over 90 % of business through repeat or referrals (after deduction of credit card processing fees and any consignment/royalty fees) for all new customer form purchases that were generated through the links between your Web site and ours, and for which we have received full payment  .

Existing Affiliates – LOGIN to your account through the login box then select affiliate network
Banner stats - allows you to view your Banner Impression/Click statistics.
Orders stats - allows you to view your commissions.
Payment history - allows you to view your payment history.
Banner HTML code - used to get HTML code for selected banners.
Newsletter html code  ( The links to gesture site can be inserted in newsletters that you may distribute. ).
gesture pop up code ( You can create a pop-up that opens a selected page of Onlinesolicitor Forms every time a user accesses a certain portion of your site (we can even help you find code that will pop Onlinesolicitor library  up

To send traffic, you need to place banners, buttons or text links on your site. We provide a selection of free professionally-designed banners, graphics and links that affiliates can use to promote the forms and send traffic. You can use our banners, graphics and links or you can design your own. Our banners and text links can be accessed from the found in the link to us  (after you login). As explained in the terms and conditions we will pay affiliates a commission equal to twenty-five (5-25%) percent of each sale.

Accessing Your Affiliate Account Affiliates can log into their Affiliate Account by using the login box through select affiliated networks in box. Once you login, you will be able to manage your account, review how your orders and commission generate .JOIN US


Business Associates

Business Associates are "GESTURE Businesses/Free Lancers who can work Part time/Full time in Marketing for Gesture Services." Our Business Associates gets Attractive Pricing & Commission Structure. Any Business/Individual who is interested to sell our Services in Part time/Full time can join hands with us and can make revenues.Business Associates shall be an independent contractor. This is only a part time work for us and will not impact on their main work. Principally we are looking at assistance in procuring sales application of company services. Whose job is to help the customer to evaluate the product as demo which gives the customer best possible usage.Company hereby appoints Affiliate Networks an authorized non-exclusive independent representative to sell and promote all services provided by Company in the following geographical area as "Territory". 
Advantages of Business Associates
•  Work in Part time & Earn Good Income  / Get Monthly Commissions
•  Any Business/Individual who is interested to earn additional income while working Part time
•  Free SMS Services from Gesture for Business Promotions/•  Sell Complete services to all your existing clientele
•  Suitable for Free Lancers/Web developers/Small Businesses/Work From Home/Students etc to earn part time income
•  No Office Space/Dedicated Infrastructure
•  Lowest Pricing + Attractive Commission Structure we will pay a commission equal to twenty-five (5-25%) percent of each sale.
•  Recurring Revenues through Renewals ONE TIME WORK LIFE TIME ROYLTY 
•  Training & Marketing material will be provided by Gesture•  Complete Technical Support from Gesture•  Appoint Sub Associates and Increase Business Source & Commission•  No Investment on Technology and Infrastructure•  Associating with a leading ( Gesture )•  Free Login User Id / Password

  • Build and manage strong funnel of qualified opportunities in the territory
  • Generate Sale and its application on behalf of company.
  • Help the customer to evaluate the product as demo which gives the customer best possible usage.
  • Ensure use of adopted sales methodologies.
  • Exploit working alliances with complimentary software/service vendors
  • Contribute to marketing plans and activities in the sector.
  • Under no circumstances and at no time shall Affiliate Network disclose to any person any of the secrets, methods or systems used by Company in its business? 

Requirements: 1.Good Educational / Commercial Background 2.Enterprising Skills 3.Ability to Manage Individual Business Customer Service Skills 4.Must be able to communicate at the highest level within large multinational organizations.  5.Must be able to travel extensively throughout sales territory. 6.Have the skills to be able to work independently from Head Office. 7.Must have the ability to inspire and the patience to work with partnership structures.
Hold: 1. Printed visiting card 2.Company stationery LIKE letter head /envelop /handler /broachers /and other marketing materials.3.Complete Support - Marketing / Technical / Billing 4. Regular Training Schedules 5,.Regular Update on New Features 6.Sales Leads for your region 7. Free member  account  for demonstrate services 8.Lucrative incentive structure, as high as 30 % of the Business Generated 9.Long Term Focus towards clients - Over 90 % of business through repeat or referrals 10 Part of One of the fastest growing legal-library on web in India Flexible Commission Payout Structures we will pay a commission equal to twenty-five (5-25%) percent of each sale.

Global Partner

Comming SOON...........

Link To Us

Generating Revenue
To generate revenue as an affiliate, you need to send traffic to the gesture site. The users/traffic can be either directed to the to gesture Home Page, to a particular form category (i.e. website ) or even to individual products (i.e. domain registration search ). Each link directing traffic from the affiliate's site to the gesture site contains a special code that allows us to track sales generated by each different affiliate. We welcome and encourage you to place a link on your Web site to - EASY INFORMATION SYSTEM . The Portal provides a single window interface to the online information and services being provided by variousoffice automation . As per our linking Policy, no prior permission is required to link""' from your website. However, we would like you to inform us (using the contact us option) about any links provided to this Portal so that you can be informed of any changes or updations therein. Also, we do not permit our pages to be loaded into frames on your site.



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Note : Do not just include the graphic from our servers on your page! Copy the image to your site please.

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PUT GESTURE ON YOUR WEBSITE EARN POINT ….. Place our banner or text link on your site. We'll pay you 5% commission for all purchases. Becoming our affiliate is very simple: just Apply, Display Links/Banners and Get Paid! Please follow the instruction step by step. If you have any questions about linking to""', the use of the banners, or desire more information or promotional materials on""' please use our ' contact us ' Option.

Thank you for promoting

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