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Live Chat for your own website...

Thank you for purchasing software. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file or the FAQ on my support site, please feel free to create a Support Ticket via my website. Thanks so much!


NAME OF SCRIPTS AND ITS SOLOGAN (if any)for NAME OF SERVICES (LIKE EMAIL /SMS) Service/Script for your Website!

Provide real-time customer support and visitor communication directly on your site. With .................. you can provide human interaction to visitors allowing you to close a sale , provide customer support or simply answer a question they may have. With no need for extra software, you can provide this from any computer, anywhere.

Scale the dizzy heights of online customer support excellence with live chat software & offer live help to your website visitor.

Powerful .................. software that helps you talk to your website visitors and convert them into customers.

Offer first class support or answer pre sales questions to your website visitors. If none of your representatives are available a contact form is shown, so you won't loose customer even if you are offline!

You not just buying the software, you also get first class support!

Incredibly easy and intuitive.

Minimum Requirements:

Browser compatibility:


...................... will run in on all modern browsers and thanks to html5shiv also in IE7 and IE8. However you need JavaScript enabled to run the software smooth.

Will it run on IE6 - NO

Please do not ask for Internet Explorer 6 support, it is way out of date and we all should look forward for getting this Browser away from the world wide web!


Installation guide - ............................................

Please follow all the steps carefully.

First the include/db.php.new file


Install the database

Configuration and finishing

Help for FTP, MySQL and PHP.

Style and Language

Style - General

...................... is fully template based

Change it to your own Style

Change the look easy, however you need some HTML and CSS knowledge to do so. This is how you start:

  1. Login to your server with your preferable FTP Client
  2. Start playing around with the CSS and Image Files
  3. If you fill confident start move around HTML stuff in the files located in the root directory
  4. Again, if you need any help how to start feel free to check the FAQ on the support website.

    Language - General

    ...................... is available in english. If you language/MultiLanguage is not available, feel free to translate all the necessary files.

    • operator/lang/
    • lang/

    If you translated .................. into your native language would be nice to send it to me, so I can implement that in the next release. You can find my contact details on the support website.

    Upload your own Button

    I'm sure you like your own button, I made it very simple for you!

    Create two buttons in Photoshop or any other similar program. Save one button as yourname_on.png and the other as yourname_off.png. Upload the button via FTP into following directory img/buttons/en/, go to the operator panel and your buttons appear with the correct code to implement into your website.



With purchasing .................. you will get first class support! I build a great FAQ for any general questions and there is also a support ticket system available if you can't find a answer to your problem.

You need to have a account and confirm your purchase from codecanyon.net to get any support.


Thank you

I want to say thank you for purchasing. I hope you enjoy the product like I do!