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How Can You Sell?

How Can You Sell?

The WEB POINT is a complete private-labeled website for your retail business from where your Customers can sign up for various GESTURE Products. The WEB POINT allows you to start selling all our Products and Services within minutes of signing up with us.
Private-labeled: All Control Panels are fully brand able. You and your Resellers can point your own URL to them and modify the look and feel of the interfaces by uploading your own HTML for various components such as the Header, footer and so on. 
Multi-tier: The Control Panels support an infinite level Reseller chain. You, your Resellers, their Resellers and Customers and so on can individually customize and use the Order Box Control Panels.

  • Fully White-Labeled Experience
  • Completely Usable Deposit
  • Widest Range of Products
  • Low whole sale price Set your own pricing.
  • Fully Brand able Storefront
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Incredible Promotions
  • A Comprehensive API for seamless integration
  • Complete Business Process Automation
  • Access to our Partner Extranet for marketing tools and promotional materials.
  • Flexible mode of payment  online payment gateway account for easy payment receive.
  • SPRF (special price request form )enjoy our volume bargaining with our supplier. Resellers would be at his wish whether to buy from us after frequently receiving our sale offer of any item with large quantities

Support :- GESTURE resellers are responsible for billing their clients, providing local downloads, and providing support for their clients. As a reseller, you will need to be capable of supporting all needs and problems that arise with your clients. We will only support the reseller (you), not your customers.

Price & Tariff Authorized Resellers receive a discount off our retail price so they can competitively offer the GESTURE solution to their clients. Payment mode:- Flexible payment instruction
Tracking & reporting:- Great software , Finance and Billing Automation



Web Point

  • Inbuilt Product Suggestion Tool
  • Intelligent Cross-selling engine
  • Completely translation-friendly
  • Present content in multiple languages
  • Translate into any language
  • Readymade translations available in multiple languages
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Your Personal Settings
  • Slabs set for Resellers
  • Prices for Customers and Resellers
  • Promo Engine Setting
  • Pre-configured Plans for all Products
  • Payment Gateways setup within your Account
  • Sales, Billing & Support Information
  • Readymade Knowledgebase
  • Integrated with a WHOIS server
  • Effective Name Suggestion tool
  • Upsell capabilities for every produc


  • Brand the URLs of your Control Panels
  • Add your Logo to the header
  • Customize your header dimensions
  • Customize the HTML in specific sections
  • Set your own Language Settings
  • Signup for any Product
  • Automate new Product signups
  • Stop selling any Product
  • Set Slabs for Resellers
  • Set Telescopic Prices for Customers
  • Set & manage Slabs/Prices for each Product
  • Set Prices for every billable activity of every Product
  • Set Specific prices for preferred Customers
  • Set Promotional Prices for selected products
  • Create Sales, Support and Billing users
  • Set permissions for each type of user
  • Give yourself complete access
  • Set payment reminder triggers
  • Set number of days in which unpaid orders should be cancelled
  • Manage timelines to Suspend or Delete orders
  • Set country-wide Tax rules
  • Manage client exceptions to tax rules
  • Customize the tax Message
  • Search and List all Transactions
  • List Pending Invoices & Debit Notes
  • Identify Locked Funds
  • Add Funds to your Account
  • Request a Refund
  • List and Search Clients
  • Use several parameters for each search
  • Add Funds to any Customer's Account
  • Check Pending Refunds
  • Use the Send Mail function for mass mailing
  • Set Control Panel Announcements
  • Payment Gateway Reports
  • Balance Reports
  • Tax Report
  • Sales Reports
  • Forex Reports
  • Receipt Reports
  • Buy any product directly
  • Manage every function of every Product




  • Every business function exposed via API
  • Full flexibility and control
  • WebPoint and Control Panels use the API

Rady Made Kit  API

  • Client side kits
  • Sample forms
  • Sample code
  • Complete documentation
  • Available in 4 programming languages
    • PHP
    • Perl
    • Java
    • .NET
  • Standards compliant HTTP API
  • Truly Platform Independent

Secure and Scalable API

Advance monitring systems
Protection from API abuse & DoS attacks



Partner Programs for Partners

Looking for innovative ways to bring more value to your customers, and new revenue streams to your business? Look to Gesture Partner Programs. They offer a source of repeat income for your business—while providing outstanding flexibility and customization for you.We understand that we have to build our business on carefully nurtured alliances and partnerships. We aim to create an alliance where both partners are deeply committed to an ongoing relationship that is a win-win solution for both. We help our customers select and implement the right solutions for businesses. With a profound knowledge of the web enabling business, we provide consulting expertise and the web enabling support that our customers need in order to transform their enterprises into dynamic and collaborative organizations.

Why do we seek a Partnership? To turn the collaborative vision into a reality and in the spirit of long-term partnership we ensure that the combined customer base gains access to products and services as an integrated whole. We expect the corporation with any individual and firms in any part of the world to grow our business together by synergy both you and our resources and to assist each other to explore the opportunity and to reach a new high on the basis of fairness and mutual benefit. Add new services that can help your clients grow their businesses.


Over 500 Clients - WORLD WIDE

Main Office in Delhi - Over 25 Professionals,

Reseller /Channel Network

One of the Fastest Growing Revenue Model

Long- Term Focus on Business Development

Long Term Relationship Focus

Complete Support - Marketing / Technical / Billing

Regular Training Schedules

Regular Update on New Features

& Many More...


Mode of Payment

Mode of Payment and Instruction

Mode of Payment


    Has developed and deployed new generation enhanced Web Applications service and support platform by incorporating industry-leading new technologies with innovative standard-based design and customer software.

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  • Great Support

    Gesture Owners - to obtain direct assistance from our support staff regarding your gesture installation, billing issues,,technical issue etc.Learn moreLearn more

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  • Support

    It never ends! We release new updates and features every month! And they all come for free on Update System. and it's yours for life!

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