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Dear coustomer/Reseller As a first step in building successful Products and Features for you and your Customers, we would like to spend some time in understanding your needs better. Hence, we have designed a short survey to get a deeper understanding of your Business, your Customers and your requirements. Your inputs will go a long way in helping us deliver superior Products and Features that will translate to a better User Experience for you and your Customers.  We highly appreciate your time and inputs and look forward to getting to know you better! This survey should take less than five minutes to complete, and your answers are confidential.

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Question 1

which products/services you are intrested!

Domain Names

Web and E-mail Hosting

Website Design Services

Web / Software Development Services

Digital Marketing Services (SEO, PPC etc.) Market Place for Scripts,Templates

Web Advertishments

Internet Marketing Email, Social Network, SMS

Question 2

Overall, how satisfied are you with your experience on our website ?

Completely dissatisfied

Very dissatisfied

Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied

Fairly satisfied

Very satisfied

Completely satisfied

Question 3

Have you ever purchased from this website?



Question 4

How Heard About Us


Search Engine


Existing Client


Question 5

What Tech/ Industry related blogs or websites do you visit on a regular basis to update yourself with information related to your business and industry? Please list at least 5 of them