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A super easy way to have a comments box on your web page where people can post their comments! Let your website visitors add more content to your website and gain better SEO. Via an easy to use password protected administration page you can approve and change all comments posted on your web pages.

you can see how our Post Comment script works DEMO FRONT SIDE. You can post a comment using the form at the bottom and it will appear on the web page below all other comments. You can then login the password protected administration page and manage your comment there.

Different topics
create different topics that people can comment on.
Captcha protection
prevent spam bots from posting on your pages using a captcha image verification on your comment form
Approve people comments
approve or deny comments before they appear on your web pages
Detailed comment information
collect name, email, date and time of posting and IP address
Fully customizable
using an external css file you can change the appearance of your comments
Ban rules
specify a list keywords and if any comment has a word from that list it will not be saved. Or block IP address by creating a list with all blocked ip addresses.
Date & time format
set date and time format for your comments and also adjust your time zone.
Post comment form position
specify the position of the form - below or above all the comments
Translate it to your language
change all the front end messages using the options page in your administration page.
Comments and/or New Comment installation code
you can place the comments on one page and the comments form on different page
PHP include
install the script using PHP include code and have the comments actually printed on your web page. Great for SEO!
JavaScript integration
Do not want to refresh your page when reading the comments? Using the javascript ajax based integration method then.
Easy to install
using a simple JavaScript code you can put Post Comment on any valid web page
Complete source codes
Only with our Post Comment script you can get the full source codes for a comments system. You will be able to modify and rebrand it.



Your hosting account should meet script requirements.


User licence

Developer licence


4.0 or more

4.0 or more


4.0 or more

4.0 or more

Zend Optimizer

2.6 or more


If I buy User licence can I later upgrade to Developer licence?
Yes, you can do this at any time. You will only pay the difference between the User and Developer licences.
When will I receive the script?
Immediately after payment. Please make sure to return to our website after paying. You will be given a download link to download the script

One-Year FREE Updates

  • Source Code Free Access  Only at Developer License
  • Low-cost and high quality script
  • Excellent functionality (look at the list of features)
  • New features (review new features)
  • and much more..

1. Custom script Modifications and Coding  Contact us   "Ask about customizing Software to meet YOUR needs "

You can purchase the 'as-is' versions of our scripts or you can also request a custom modification. We use our basic PHP scripts as a base to build on custom scripts exactly how the client see it and do it quickly and professionally. We offer professional programming services and deliver high standard custom solutions and nothing less .

2. Support and Upgradtion   One-Year FREE Updates thereafter See Price

3. Installation Free One Time

3. Use Live DEMO before buy  NO MONEY BACK

The configuration (system setup) area is not accessible. This is necessary to keep the demo running smoothly. If you would like a free trial to install on your server, you can order

NOTE:-The free GESTURE is sponsored by@ copyright GESTURE  Free Software. To remove the "Powered by" links from your script and support development, purchase a GESTURE License! See Price

Choose License Type:

Single Web site License USER LICENSE ( install on one Web site) See Price "User Licence" you cannot modify the script and files are encrypted using Zend Guard.

Developer License ( install on ten Web sites) See Price With Developer licence you can download full source codes and use the script on all the websites that you build for your clients. You can even modify the codes and remove our copyright notices so your clients will not know that you bought the product from another company


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