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SHOPPING CART/Web Store is a PHP/MySQL based script which allows you to easily put a shopping cart on your website. With just a few clicks you can have it up and running. Your clients will be able to buy multiple products and quantities and select different payment methods to pay for them - Paypal, Google Checkout or collect credit card details. It can't be easier.

we can do any change to our script. Just let us know what you need added or removed and we will do it for you for a reasonable fee. 

Unlimited licences with each purchase
use Stiva SHOPPING CART script on any website that you make for you or your clients with its Developer licence
Use on any web page
using a simple piece of HTML or PHP code you can put Stiva SHOPPING CART on any web page - HTML, HTM, PHP, ASP, JSP, etc..
Easy to install
all you need to do is to upload the files on your hosting account and run the install wizard. We can do this for you free of charge
100% customizable
with developer licence you receive Stiva™ SHOPPING CART source codes and can modify them doing your own customizations
CSS styled
using a simple CSS code you can quickly change the appearance (colors, fonts, paddings, etc..) of the shopping cart
password protected administration page where only you can manage all products and orders
Multiple payment processing companies
your clients can pay you using PayPal, Google Checkout or credit card details collection (if you need more we can add it).
Different promo codes
create multiple different promo codes and give discounts to your clients
Different currencies
select the currency you want to have your products in - USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CHF, CAD, SEK, DKK and many more.
Email notification
both you and your client will receive email notification upon submitting an order.
Unlimited products
add as many products to your shopping cart as you need and manage them at any time.
Digital products
are you selling digital content? Create digital products and let people download the files directly from your server
Similar products
group products by similarity so it's easier for your clients to buy the products they are looking for
Unlimited images
upload as many images as you want for each product
Send to friend
with a click of a button website visitors will be able to send the product they like to their friends
Add to favourites
clients will be able to shortlist the products they like and add them in a favourites section
Product categories
create categories and assign a category for each of your products.
Tax cost
you can add a % for the tax/vat being collected.
Shipping cost
add different shipping cost for different shipping locations
Import products
quickly upload products using CSV file import.
Orders tracking
using password protected administration page you can keep track of all orders.
Clients accounts
using email address and a password each client can view past orders

Username: admin

Password: admin


Installing the script:

1) unzip the ZIP file in a folder on your computer

2) upload all files in a folder on your website. Please note that you can upload the files in any folder but we will use "script" folder name in the instructions below.

Important: if you have User licence you will need to upload the files in binary mode. Also depending on your server configuration you may need to set write permissions to options file so installer can update it. You can watch video tutorials how to upload in binary mode and set write permissions using some of the most popular FTP clients here

3) open, where is the domain name for your website. Installation wizard will ask you to complete few steps and will install the script


Need help?

We provide FREE installation support and you can always contact us via the support system . Please note that in order to install the script on your website we need FTP and MySQL login details. If you do not know any of the details below, please contact your hosting company and they will provide you with it.

Website domain name:

FTP hostname:
FTP username:
FTP password:

MySQL hostname:
MySQL database name:
MySQL username:
MySQL password:

Product updated. File upload error. Make shure that you have 0777 permisions to upload directories.

GETTING START ...............



Your hosting account should meet script requirements.


User licence

Developer licence


4.0 or more

4.0 or more


4.0 or more

4.0 or more

Zend Optimizer

2.6 or more


If I buy User licence can I later upgrade to Developer licence?
Yes, you can do this at any time. You will only pay the difference between the User and Developer licences.
When will I receive the script?
Immediately after payment. Please make sure to return to our website after paying. You will be given a download link to download the script

One-Year FREE Updates

  • Source Code Free Access  Only at Developer License
  • Low-cost and high quality script
  • Excellent functionality (look at the list of features)
  • New features (review new features)
  • and much more..

1. Custom script Modifications and Coding  Contact us   "Ask about customizing Software to meet YOUR needs "

You can purchase the 'as-is' versions of our scripts or you can also request a custom modification. We use our basic PHP scripts as a base to build on custom scripts exactly how the client see it and do it quickly and professionally. We offer professional programming services and deliver high standard custom solutions and nothing less .

2. Support and Upgradtion   One-Year FREE Updates thereafter See Price

3. Installation Free One Time

3. Use Live DEMO before buy  NO MONEY BACK

The configuration (system setup) area is not accessible. This is necessary to keep the demo running smoothly. If you would like a free trial to install on your server, you can order

NOTE:-The free GESTURE is sponsored by@ copyright GESTURE  Free Software. To remove the "Powered by" links from your script and support development, purchase a GESTURE License! See Price

Choose License Type:

Single Web site License USER LICENSE ( install on one Web site) See Price "User Licence" you cannot modify the script and files are encrypted using Zend Guard.

Developer License ( install on ten Web sites) See Price With Developer licence you can download full source codes and use the script on all the websites that you build for your clients. You can even modify the codes and remove our copyright notices so your clients will not know that you bought the product from another company

Hosted solution @ 10 $ Per Domain Per Month ncludes Hosting, Support, Upgrades, All you need is browser. Minimum Tenur is Three year

For a fixed monthly fee, you can use our software . We will keep host & maintain the software and the related data on our servers but provide you a secure access to the customized backend dashboard that will allow you to upload & download . You will be able to utilize the full features of our software with only restriction of owning the source code.Min- Tenure One Year

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